RAYBEX is a young dynamically developing company. The company was founded in Switzerland in 2013 and it has approved itself as a reliable and efficient partner during its activity period. Our core competence is software development.

So far, our company has implemented tens of projects in different areas of activity. A great number of companies trust development of IT-solutions to our company. We cooperate with the next countries – the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Germany, the USA and Switzerland.

The key to success is the team of highly qualified specialists. The staff of RAYBEX includes only the best specialist, each of them solve area-specific tasks successfully, which makes it possible to improve working at a project.

RAYBEX finds individual approach to every client. We value our clients and speak a common language with them! So it is not only very profitable to cooperate with us, but also comfortable.

RAYBEX follows basic tendencies on the market of web-development. We keep up to the times and offer only actual product to our clients.

We always try to move ahead and up. So let’s move together!

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How to work with us? It’s really easy!

Here is our scheme of cooperation:

  • We listen to you and then analyze your requirements with precision;
  • We select the most appropriate strategy for project implementation and technologies to fulfill the tasks given;
  • We negotiate terms of project realization; you get cost statement;
  • We get down to the project, reconcile primary results with you;
  • We demonstrate you the product, test it, if necessary make adjustments to it;
  • We make sure that result matches requirements and you are fully satisfied with the product.

RAYBEX Company provides the services:

Mobile development (WP, IOS, Android)

In the 21st century, Smartphones & Tablets are main informational sources and communication links between the society and the surrounding world. We don’t always carry laptops with us, but it is quite impossible to leave home without a mobile phone. That is why mobile application is a perfect tool for business-processes optimization; it is an useful instrument of modern marketing.

Why is mobile application development becoming more and more popular today? The answer is obvious: because it is strategically important.

The team RAYBEX offers services for custom mobile application development. We develop mobile application for your business depending on a target and tasks, that are set by your company.

For what platforms do we build an application?

Our team is able to develop mobile application for android, iOS, WP. Our developers offer application of all kinds to fit any taste, no matter what target you follow: communication, informing, image maintaining, business-processes automation or profit earning.

Don’t let your benefits go, call us and we create an unique mobile application for you!

Website development

Today internet technologies have led us to the point that website development is a requirement of every business. Corporate website is like a trademark of company.

We can speak with confidence that your clients need your website in the first place. Because customers will try to find you in the net space and they will be confused if they don’t manage to find you.

In order for a client to find your company easy in network, we offer you services in website development.

RAYBEX will make the website of any complexity for you: a simple promo site, an online store or even an image-site. We offer development of an unique corporate website for your company.

Don`t you want to use standard tiresome website templates from the Internet? – It is not a problem – we can create your website from scratch. An individual approach to every project is guaranteed. Our team will make all your stunning ideas come true, they will develop a website in concordance with corporate identity of the company and they will think over the design.

We seek for an excellent result. Contact us and we will advise you about creation and website development.

Application software

Nowadays it may be very helpful to entrust the fulfillment of some routine tasks to computer programs. Specialists should be engaged in jobs that only humans can do, jobs that require imagination and creativity. And for routine tasks it is better to develop application software.

We offer services of software development for business. Our specialists will offer you solution for your company target.

Software development is a labor-intensive process that includes not only writing the software, but also software testing and also writing necessary documentation. In addition, our team RAYBEX offers not only services of software development, but also implementation service.

Today it is necessary to know your clients and build effective contact to him if you want to work successfully in every sector. For such targets we used CRM systems. Our developers will develop a CRM system for you. A CRM system enables to automate and optimize contacts to a client. It makes possible to improve business operations system.

RAYBEX creates programs to solve many-sided tasks. Contact us and we will create a program especially for your tasks.

Programming tool

A PC is an universal instrument to work with information. All computer capacities are contained in programs installed on it. And all the tasks given to computers should be made in a familiar language for it. Mainly for that purpose programming tool is created. It is meant for program designing, development and support.

You can apply to us for programming tool that is the most suitable for your work. Thanks to programs, a common PC can be easily turned into working space for any specialist, e.g. designers, architects and constructors.

The team RAYBEX is ready to offer you software for program development. Just come to us and we will develop programming tool for your business!

Server solutions

Server solutions are operating system or software package intended for execution of server’s functions and tasks by a computer.

Server solutions are the best solution for organization of IT- infrastructure in a company. Server solutions make possible to build IT- infrastructure from the ground up.

Flexible decisions for your company working process control – this is the point that we can offer you. We offer you building of separate server application to actual server solution that makes performance of the most typical tasks possible. You will get not only effective solution, but you will keep down costs of possession of such infrastructure.

Pursuant to your instructions, RAYBEX specialists working with a server will conduct activities to optimize resources, they will build cloud infrastructure and they will also control server environment. Client/server solutions will increase performance, application security, reliability of network applications.

So let us select and adopt the very solution that would be the most appropriate mainly for your infrastructure!

Corporate systems

Corporate information systems constitute a single infomedia where employees, business partners and clients can interact. This can be b2b system, ERP system, enterprise platform for employees or system for products order automation.

RAYBEX provides our clients with services for ERP system development. Implementation of this system makes possible to automate business processes in company. We also provide our clients with services for CRM system development, EAM system development, MES system development, HRM system development. If CRM system optimizes work with clients, then MES system will optimize work on manufacture and improve its profitability.

Complex corporate systems can make your work more effective. If you need automated procurement of raw materials or you need to optimize company’s work, or maybe you want to trace order status, then you need information system development. Development of corporate system can simplify your work significantly. Let’s optimize your company processes.


Design is not just external covering, not just industrial styling that hides featureless business-processes. Primarily design is a synthesis of design thinking and creative work.

The companies all over the world understand that website design, mobile application design can influence effectively on clients perception and stimulate them to purchase. Successful developed design of mobile application and website can change mood and make them more attractive. With the help of design it is possible to turn boring columns with numbers and tables into vivid, understandable and meaningful sources of information.

Every app, program or website without well thought-out design is just a faceless tool that should be changed into individuality. Every product should be colorful, beautiful and memorizing.

We offer you services of web design development. RAYBEX designers have successful experience in mobile application design development, website design and interface design.

In our work we take into account all wishes of our customer. Particularly, design will be realized in compliance with the corporate identity.

We aspire to bring beauty and sense in our world. That is why we look forward to your orders!

Cross-platform solutions

Some experts claim that our future lies in cross-platforms. Well, we will not argue with them and are ready to offer you a cross-platform application development.

A primary advantage of cross-platform application is a possibility to run a program on several platforms. Software, that can be used on several platforms, is convenient and advantageous. If you need, we can provide you with the software that can be performed on more than one hardware platform or operating system.

RAYBEX center development also offers you services for desktop application development. Desktop application is a software that needs user presence and works without distinction of another program. These applications have high security level and high reliability, high functionality, mobility and they are easy to use.

RAYBEX’s cross-platform solutions will give you possibility to run necessary apps on different platforms. We can help you to save your time and money!

Automatic control

Automatic control means operations, information, different data and resources control with a help of software. It makes possible to reduce specialists’ work. In order to eliminate the possibility of errors and to save money it is efficiently to entrust most processes to the programs. The target of automation is to upgrade quality fulfilment processes. Manual operations unfortunately do not always have such stable features. It follows that automatic control is more useful, reliable and profitable.

We offer services in ERP system development and implementation in the company if your target is business process automation. This system makes possible to run material flows in a company efficiently, to rule manufacture, sales and it also permits to generate statistical statements. ERP system implementation will automate business. Our developed products will be used in financial sector, in the sphere of store accounting, in industrial processes, in the sphere of material supply and business planning.

If your target is asset management we offer you EAM system development. This system enables to keep down the costs connected with unplanned operations with assets. With the help of EAM system technical specialists and managers can resolve all tasks that are caused by equipment handling.

Do you need quick order processing or organization of assets management, easy financial management or faultless distribution list? It is not a trouble. We create software special for your task. The solution can be found for any task. Our job is to find this solution and make a program.

Snatch at a chance, contact us and we will prepare a quotation with specifics of the company's operation.


Designing of databases is directly connected with the services we provide. Every system needs a database that contains information about going-on processes. In fact, a database is a model that stores data in a certain order. For example, finance management systems require a database with information about cash movements.

Almost every employee depending on activity status works with databases with a dataflow that is often not structured. Databases are created to structure and rank data. The more ordered a content is, the easier it is to orientate in it.

In our work we devote our attention to study specifics of the company's operation in order to create the most effective databases. Designing, creating and implementation of databases in business are very important and an inalienable process. Extensive experience of our developers makes possible to create reliable software for our clients.

High-load system

Evolution of infrastructure is a natural process that pushes us to cloud computing. At present everyone can get his private cloud infrastructure. The cloud has a lot of advantages that compares it favorably with local infrastructure. All that service is accessible via internet-channels from any spot of the globe.

Using cloud solutions means to be in a jump ahead. Cloud infrastructure gives a unique opportunity to optimize business processes and make them more disposable anytime and anywhere.

Cloud solutions for business are firstly easy to handle. Their development and implementation give possibility for employers to respond on appearance of new tasks in business fast, reduces costs and also adds value to business operations.

Some working processes require increased processing power. A distributed system exists to meet that requirement. It is a set of different devices that work as a single item. So the total capacity of data processing increases.

A distributed system is performing as a single operational system where every computer is handling its data portion. Everything is simple and effective.

If you are interested in such kind of solution – you are welcome!

SEO promotion

Nowadays website promotion in search engines is a crucial step. Website promotion requires responsible attitude because if comparing with contextual advertising, it is a process aimed at a long-term result. We apply a comprehensive approach to promotion, deal with internal and external optimization, we adopt a website for your clients.

Website promotion supposes thematic requests promotion in search results. The better the website gives answers to the users’ requests, the higher it is placed in a search result. The top of the search results makes possible to get stationary traffic and embrace the target audience.

We offer you services in internal and external optimization of your website. SEO optimization has many advantages:

First, a long-term result. Your website can be on the top during long time. It makes possible to raise brand visibility and attract new customs.

Secondly, it is convenient for a user. The website of your company will be optimized for users.

Thirdly, a high return in low costs. SEO doesn’t require high cost as opposed to another marketing tools. Also SEO attracts a target customer and not an occasional visitor.

We can say that SEO optimization will help you receive a long-term result and not a temporary solution.

You can order a range of works: website development, design development and SEO promotion. Contact us and we will help you optimize your website and remove to the top Yandex and Google.